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revel in your radiance


This is me! My name is Kate and I'm a Yoga teacher, an artist, a mum and a course creator!

empowering  you in your practice to stay mindful, respectful and in awe of your body and to honour every part of your uniqueness

I create Yoga portraits and art and teach Yoga with self-acceptance, connection, love and healing as the main themes. 

You are incredible! Let it shine! Revel in it!



  • Awaken Your Inner Goddess

  • Give yourself permission to bask in the glow of your beauty and uniqueness

  • Honour and love your journey

  • Your radiance awaits you!

All of my works are one-offecologicalhand

made originals.

Using illustrative and abstract techniques, I make art and portraits that are woven together with the underlying theme of healing and connection  to ourselves, the earth and the universe as a whole.

(I make silly illustrations too coz it's not all about serious stuff!) 



  • Get fitter

  • Stay motivated

  • Calm your body and mind but still sweat a little

  • Come with me on a journey through your body!

I'm a highly qualified yoga instructor who has been practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2011.

Since 2017 I’ve taught professionally and have had the privilege of teaching a wide range of high level athletes, artists and political figures.

My style is fun, invitational and friendly and I can't wait to share this amazing practice with you!

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