This is me! My name is Kate.

I'm a yoga teacher, a Mum and an artist.

All of my works are one-offecological, hand made originals.

Using both illustrative and abstract techniques, I make art that is woven together with the underlying theme of connection  connection  to each other, the earth and the universe as a whole. 

In the case of my portraits, in a world where body positivity is a rarity, the intention is to serve as platform for self-acceptance and inspiration, not only for the people who are depicted, but also for those who are observing. The heavy paper and charcoal add a grainy aspect to the imagery that symbolises the dissonance of emotional upheaval, the earth and soil bound into the paint in the backgrounds representing our tenuous, delicate connection to nature.

My expansion series  is a number of pieces exploring growth, time and connection. It began when I discovered I was pregnant with my son and soon evolved into a personal reflection of my thoughts around life, death and the universe. 

At 40, I felt as though my life had entered into a new phase. I am reborn as mother and wife, artist and yoga student. 


By binding natural, simple and tactile mediums such as earth into the paint and embellishing the final pieces with luxurious 24 carat gold, there is a juxtaposition of materials created. 


In using the simplest of materials accompanied by one of the most valued, I try to draw the conclusion that no matter what our self perception or our perception of beauty is, from the micro, ie; grains of sand and cellular, intangible energies of our physical bodies through to the macro; ie the planetary elements of our solar system and beyond, we are the embodiment of connection itself. The 92 elements of life that comprise everything in our known universe is the same as is contained in our human bodies ... We are, literally, stardust and as fundamentally connected to each other as we are to everything in our universe. 


Circles play a large role throughout this series as the symbol of the never ending fluctuations in our consciousness. The colours used nod to my yoga training as the colours of the 'chakras' or whirling energy centres in the body. In the yogic traditions, we do not die ... we simply leave our bodies behind. Our consciousness evolves and expands, becoming one with the universe.

Through mimicking the expansion of the universe with every inhalation we can come full circle and connect back to our true nature and to nature itself, with every exhalation.

I wish for my work to be seen as something that has the potential to spark conversations surrounding topics such as ecology, the universe and our place within it and humanities lack of connection. I began creating these works as a response to my son arriving on a planet that has been ravaged by humans. My biggest hope is that he grows up to experience the wonders and beauty of the natural world, that his generation learns from the mistakes of ours and those before us.

This series is my love note to our ever expanding universe, the earth, humanity and myself.

Using my extensive experience of over 13 years in teaching and practicing yoga, I attempt to show the way in which we can begin to release old/negative patterns and to perceive and understand the universe in a different way through connection,  expansion  and stillness..

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