This is me! My name is Kate and I'm a Yoga teacher, an artist, a Mum and a course creator!


I create art and teach yoga classes and courses with self-acceptance, connection, love and healing as the main themes

Energy #1 Kate Steiner.jpg


All of my works are one-offecological, hand

made originals.

Using both illustrative and abstract techniques, I make art that is woven together with the underlying theme of healing and connection  

connection  to each other, the earth and the universe as a whole. 

Using my extensive experience of over 15 years in teaching and practicing yoga, I attempt to show the way in which we can begin to release old/negative patterns and to perceive and understand the universe in a different way through connection,  healing  and stillness..



I'm a highly qualified yoga instructor who has been practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2011. I've had the honour of practicing with and learning from some of the biggest names in Yoga over the years

Since 2017 I’ve taught professionally and have had the privilege of teaching a wide range of high level athletes, artists and political figures.

My teaching style is fun and friendly and I can't wait to share this healing practice with you!