This is me! My name is Kate.

I'm a yoga teacher and artist.

All of my works are one-off, hand made originals.

Using both illustrative and abstract techniques, I make art that is woven together with the underlying theme of connection  connection  to each other, the earth and the universe as a whole. 

In the case of my portraits, in a world where body positivity is a rarity, the intention is to serve as platform for self-acceptance and inspiration, not only for the people who are depicted, but also for those who are observing. The heavy paper and charcoal add a grainy aspect to the imagery that symbolises the dissonance of emotional upheaval, the earth and soil in some of the backgrounds representing our tenuous, delicate connection to nature.


My portraits serve as platform for acceptance and inspiration. Not only for the people who are drawn, but also for those who are observing.

My expansion series  is a series of pieces exploring our connection to something greater than ourselves. It began as a comment on humanities collective view of ourselves. We all want to feel meaningful in some way and often search for meaning through outlets that are not always that healthy for our mind, body or soul. Using materials such as earth, sand and soil, I attempt to show the viewer that we are in fact all made of the same 92 known elements. The same 92 elements that make up every grain of sand on our world uses the same 92 elements that make our stars, galaxies and our human bodies. We are as fundamentally connected to each other as we are to everything in our universe. If we expand our minds to include this thought, we can never be truly alone. Each piece can explode or implode as the viewer wishes to see it and by using the simplest of elements (earth, sand and soil) accompanied by one of the most valued (24 carat gold), I draw the conclusion that through connection, we can save ourselves from fear, regret and meaningless living. 

Using my extensive experience of over 12 years in teaching and practicing yoga, I attempt to show the way in which we can begin to release old/negative patterns and to perceive and understand the universe in a different way through connection,  movement  and stillness..

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