So … we all die anyway, right? 3 things I’ve learnt from living opposite Europe’s largest graveyard

So I live right opposite the biggest graveyard in the whole of Europe … no joke, this place is massive …. you can get horribly lost in there (believe it from a person who knows **Shuudder**) but it’s wonderfully spooky and beautiful. On a wintery Vienna morning it’s actually incredibly peaceful (it’s about 2 kilometres from the airport and the train tracks are right over my left shoulder, so when I say peaceful, I mean it kinda loosely) and a person can contemplate what the hell is going on in their lives … Things I have learned from living near a huge graveyard: 1: You are never too old to begin living how you want to live. Don’t wait until you are nearly dead … Just freakin’ well do it … w

Depression: A poem for those who suffer ... and those who don't

Recently, by which I mean over the past couple of years, I have struggled with depression ... this has manifested itself as things like hopelessness, lethargy, panic attacks, heightened sensitivity to pretty much everything, not finding joy in anything, insecurity, disgust and other such asshole things. I have taken steps to recover and I'm doing SOOO much better it's a bumpy road and occasionally I get tipped out of the cart! I'm feeling much better now but in a moment of deep despair that crept up on me the other day, I took shamelessly Emo action and wrote down exactly what came out of my head, it turned out to be a poem ... Some days waking up is not the gift intended, tis although there

First post of the new year ... and a new look blog!

Sooooo, my blog has taken on a new look .... The reason for this is because I thought it was totally boring before and being kinda into change, I decided to shake things up a bit. So far, my old blog has been used a platform for sharing my academic thoughts and notes on things I found to be interesting from my studies and I still intend to use my other blog for that, however, I want to start documenting my progress through this phase of my life and wish to branch out a bit! I'm currently facing a bit of dilemma ... I mean, it's not like a live and die kind of dilemma but it's been causing me a bit of hair loss (which when you have dreads is a feckin' nightmare) and late night trips to the fr


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