Failure is not an option! Oh, wait .. yes it is: 3 things to take away from challenging situations .

So as I mentioned a couple of weeks back at this current moment I'm working in a school for kids who are .... uh, well I really have no words to describe them so I'll just skip that bit ... Anyway, the main thing is ... I really don't like being a school teacher! Not only are you vastly under appreciated ... you do a thankless job, have to grow a skin thicker than a trolls and then when you meet people who ask 'what do you do?' and you tell them ... they proceed to tell you how lucky you are that you have all that holiday! I want to shake those ballbags and yell 'YOU TRY TEACHING FOR 6 WEEKS AND THEN TELL ME YOU DON'T NEED A DAMN HOLIDAY! ... I have a new respect for teachers and to all my

Is it mess or is it Eco Art? A rediscovery of the eco-artist within!

If you will allow me ... I'm going to take you on a journey ... If you have no desire to go time travelling or to read about other peoples boring lives, then you had better jump ship now coz the screen is about to go all wavy and the tinkling music is beginning! Quick you've still got time! ... Ok, I warned ya ... now you are here for the ride ... enjoy .... Cue wavyness and tinkles .... It's 1988. I'm eight years old. My hair falls in a long blond plait right to my butt and I love being outside, climbing trees and scurrying around in the dirt. The summer holiday has just started and so I'm off school and I'm running around like a feral animal on the farm where I am growing up. At some point

Giving birth: A baby or a business?

Well, here we are again ... it's a lovely Saturday morning in beautiful Vienna ... and I'm about to shatter the silence, sending the birds twittering into the air by bleating on querulously about something or other whilst you listen sympathetically and nod a couple of times (or not, it's really up to you!). Yesterday my beautiful husband told me about a friend of the family who had asked him if he wanted to have children ... knowing the lady in question and being a pretty diplomatic sort of fella he simply said 'well, we have no plans to but if it happened it would be a joy' ... the lady then stated 'Oh, I'm so glad you said that because if you had said that you didn't want children then I w

How to fall without fear ... is that even a thing?

Ok, last week I learned how to fall over! Srs, just stay with me on this ... my beautiful friend Vera (check her out, she's the one with the luscious red dreads ... not only is she stunningly beautiful, she is also an amazeballs yoga teacher and a fabbo buddy ... she's the real deal) showed me how to fall out of Pincha Mayurasana without using my face as a break ... that was a revelation to be sure ... for years I have been falling out of this pose in an ungainly (and probably quite dangerous) way, hitting the mat face first, limbs flailing with a sound not unlike that of a large bowl of jelly slapping the floor. These falls would almost always alert my husband who would come running with a

launching a new project: 3 tips to prepare yourself …

So here we are again and you are listening to me bleating on about something or other and sipping your coffee/tea/wine (uh, its like 6 in the morning … get help for that, you raving alcoholic) or other such beverage, whilst checking your emails or eating your toast or doing your tax return (I repeat … 6 in the morning, really?) … but I have to insist that you listen to me right now because this is GOLD … I’m telling ya! Sometimes in our lives we want to get started on a project of some kind … something we have dreamed of doing since we were children, it could be having children … it could be writing that book, starting dance classes, starting your own business … anything that feels like you

Quitting your job to be an artist: you did what now?

So .... last week I quit my job!! Wow, that sounded a lot more dramatic than it really was ... I actually just told my boss that I won't be renewing my contract at the end of the school year. It wasn't like I went all Tarantino on their asses, shooting' up the place and slow-mo walking away whilst a full scale explosion frames both of my middle fingers raised in defiance ... hmmm, although ... (lol, I jest of course!) I basically have to work until June and then I have the summer holiday (one of the perks of working in a school ... and one of the things I will totally and wholeheartedly miss) to finish my MA in Illustration and after that ... I'm officially unemployed ... So I've got like an

Are you too sensitive? Or are you being treated like an asshole?

You know I said a couple of posts back in a kind of carrying, regal voice … ignore those who annoy you, young Padawan … remember that? Well, screw that … I want to say something about it. I have mentioned this before but at the moment I’m working in a school … not any old school either … it is a school for children who have pointy little horns and tridents … (jk, jk chill out … **grits teeth** I love them really!) As if earning respect from these little monkeys wasn’t hard enough … you know, being a foreign teacher with a terribly English accent, daaaarling … (you have no idea how much mockery I have to endure daily … if I stop to think about it, it really is quite depressing) some of my col

What happens when you let go of fear ... you need to know this!

I have been blathering on about fear for a few posts now, but you see ... what I have learned over the past week is how much of what we do and how we act are governed by fear ... it is pretty mind-blowing to think how deep this rabbit hole goes and how many of my actions have been fear based ... my entire belief system is all over the floor right now ... what a freakin' mess ... This epic, endgame-boss fight scene of a revelation came after a session with my wonderful friend and teacher Kavi who I recommend to all you peeps who are suffering with some sh1t or another ... mental, physical, spiritual, he'll set you right mate ... I was in the process of describing how I was feeling in great de

Distraction and how to fight that devil with one simple question …

Today, I had a bit of a shock … I realised that all the excitement, work and ideas that I had popping in my little brain over the past two weeks was all a complete distraction … a distraction from my path and from my ultimate goal. You see, my job as an English and Art teacher will end in September … I have no intention of getting another job because I have no intention of ever working for any other person again in my life. Not that I’m not grateful for my previous employers and jobs … they have helped me to see how much I never want to have a regular job again for as long as I live! Some of them have been wonderful (like my lovely boss now) and others have been possessed by demons (srs … I


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