Where the hell have you been, ballbag?

Hey guys! Jeez, I'm sorry ... time ran away with me and before I knew it 2 months had gone by without me writing a single flippin word ... oh, well ... you can breathe easy again because I'm back to rant a bit more about whatever seems to be the latest fly in my ointment ... (GRREEEAAAAAT, I hear you cry sarcastically). So it seems that I am no longer a teacher! OMG, I'm so happy about it you literally have no idea ... teaching was (for me) the employment equivalent of eating sand every day because you feel like the only way you will do great things is by shitting bricks ... Anyhoo, you get the picture (probably more than you wanted to, but there you go). I'm now an artist ... yup, thats rig

How being depressed became my greatest motivation!

I had a revelation yesterday! This is happening more and more ... I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and my mind, like some tired old elephant, has finally been worn down and started giving me the answers I have been seeking after all these years or what ... all I know is ... I'm LOVING what I'm realising! For those of you who have been following my journey (shame on you if you haven't ... as if ANYTHING could be more interesting than what's going on MY LIFE ...;-)) you will know that I recently (only about 6 months ago) went through a moment of depression far more horrible than anything I have ever experienced ... For all intents and purposes and from the outside, I had it all .

Practicing gratefulness: it really is life changing!

Guess what I did yesterday? ... go on ... go on ... go on ... OK, I'll tell you! I went to look at an apartment here in Vienna that cost €980,000 ... yep, nearly a cool million! Now don't get yer knickers in a twist ... of course I don't have a million to spend on an apartment (I'm aiming at it but so far my manifesting powers have been limited to parking spaces and the odd hot beverage so lets see what the future holds for Kate the millionaire) but I was really interested to see exactly what this place looked like. I had found the floor plan online a few days earlier and got a bee in my bonnet about this bloody flat ... it was perfect! A few months ago my beautiful hubby and I wrote in my d

Being an immigrant: 4 things I miss about England

I love Vienna! Really ... this city is beautiful ... the architecture, the river, the parks, the climate (sometimes the winters are freakin' nippy, not gonna lie ... but the 40° summers make up for that) ... everything is just bloody lovely. Even the people (who have been stated as being some of the rudest in the world ... srs, they actually can be sometimes unless you know how to handle 'em!) are usually pretty friendly and helpful. The fact that Vienna has won best city in the world to live in for the past, like, 1000 years (taken from a serious statistical study ... honest) just goes to show what a flipping great place this is to make your home! However, I'm an English girl and there are

Giving up on social media (kinda) - what a bloody relief!

A couple of weeks ago I quit using social media ... Ok, I have to admit that is a biiit of a lie .. . what I should have said was ... I stopped making my phone the first thing I saw as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, my companion as I ate my breakfast, the bath time liaison, the toilet buddy (yup folks, I took that thing to the bog with me ... I like reading things whilst I ... y'know ... Ok, Ok ... too much info, sorry), my café amigo and my bedtime story ... Basically, I was having an affair with my smart-phone ... it was a torrid and turbulent ordeal, a sort of love/hate relationship that lasted for waaaay longer than it should have. So, I ended it ... I suddenly realised after a


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