When faced with a dickhead: how to handle it! Hint: don't try ...

Well, hi there lovely folks! It's a lovely sunny Monday morning and instead of getting my stuff up together and going to work, I'm here writing out my life for others to read. Sometimes its pretty funny, sometimes it's a bit intense and sometimes ... just sometimes ... there could be something of real value! Today is one of the value days (not blowing my own trumpet or anything ... OR AM I? **sideways look**) ... its kind of a long story but the nugget of wisdom at the end is too good to miss so if you are still with me after that warning, I take it that we are ready to rumble and I'll get my sh1t kickers on ... K, I'm ready! Lets go! I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed these past few week

I'm coming out of the closet!

OMG, I bet that made you look didn't it! But yes, it's true ... I can no longer live this lie that I have been trying to maintain over the past few years ... I feel that its time to step, authentically into my new (old) truth ... it's a difficult thing to cope with for some but once I have admitted it to myself and my family (that means you guys, if you didn't know) then we can begin to grow together into this bold, new future. Here goes ... My name is Kate and ... I'm a portrait artist ... Whew! That feels good :-D From now on in my artistic career I'm going to focus solely on creating portraits. These portraits will have something slightly different about them because they are going to foc


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