How humbling life can be!

Alright, I'm laying it on the line today, folks ... this isn't going to be easy for me to say (damn pride!) but in all seriousness, you probably saw it way before I did anyway ... As from today, I'm lowering the prices of my portrait artwork ... It is the most humbling thing I have done since opening up this portrait business ... not because I've been knocked down into my place (also), but because I finally realised today that my message is more important to me than making money ... This is, on the one hand a marvellous revelation and on the other one, a bit of a surprise! I had been ready to wait for those clients who could afford what I was offering ... my prices were reflective of a lifet

3 Yoga poses for festive fatigue (aka overindulgence, you know the one!)

Ok, so the holidays have passed us by once again and I'm betting many of us have overindulged in some way or another … (C’mon, admit it!) It's no problem...sometimes it happens, but overdoing it (whether it be on food, drink or stress … family, holiday, anyone feeling it?!) can lead to digestive sluggishness and a general feeling of tiredness or lowered mood. After the festive period is over and things have quietened down is a great time to start focusing more on our bodies and minds. We are naturally more receptive to holistic practices in the New Year and this could be a wonderful opportunity to start or restart your yoga practice, if (like me, not gonna lie) you have neglected it of late.

2016/2017 memories, plans and some pictures!

Whuuut?? 2016 is already over? OMG! What a year it has been, I tell ya! For one thing ... I celebrated my first year of married life! That was something that NO ONE saw coming! I think my family had somehow written me off as being that odd one that all families have ... you know the one ... the yoga-hippy who's lifestyle doesn't seem to gel with the others and that everyone suspects will end up as a crazy cat lady ... I wouldn't actually mind that TBH ... I'll consider it as an alternative should everything go tits up ... Amongst the happiness, I have also struggled with depression, illness and general lethargy. 2016 was for me, a period of deep reflection on what I really want in my life. I


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