First E-book Chapter ... feedback appreciated!

Hey my lovely friends! A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in passing (or maybe shouted it from every platform I could find, but we don't need to go into that now) that I'm writing an E-book on how to help folks to step into their authentic radiance. I wanted to share chapter one with you guys and ask for your feedback! How does this read? Is it interesting? Does it make you want to read more? Please feel free to critique as much as you like ... I'm open to make changes and I promise that I'll try to take it well ... I have been known to be quite sensitive (**snorts into cornflakes, like the queen of sensitivity**) so if you absolutely must rip me to shreds, please do it constructively and wi

ACTIVATE your RADIANCE E-book coming soon!

So my lovelies, I'm only writing a flippin' E-book! It's going to be packed full of funny anecdotes, how to Yoga advice and most importantly, actionable steps that we can take to ACTIVATE our RADIANCE! So what does this mean? Its all well and good to say ACTIVATE your RADIANCE, but what the heck does that actually entail? Am I going to suddenly illuminate like some trumped up christmas decoration or what? Ok, Ok ... I guess I should do a little explaining ... When I say ACTIVATE your RADIANCE, what I mean is ... being unapologetically yourself. This means freedom, my furry followers. I want a show of hands ... how many of us actually speak to ourselves in a kind and loving way on a daily bas


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