HAPPY EASTER Yoga Portraits; Because you guys ROCK! :-D

HAPPY EASTER! OMG!! There are some Yoga Portraits on offer and I just had to share them with you guys first! I am offering a 10% discount on any portrait bought by members of my blog, but ONLY if they are bought within 10 days! I'm feeling obsessed by the number 10 at the moment ... perhaps its because I miss it being my age ... we'll never know! So from today until Wednesday 27th April you can bag this offer! This is a one of a kind deal as I don't usually offer my work at discount prices but you guys are all so awesome that I wanted to do something beautiful for you to thank you for your incredible support over these last few months :-) I couldn't have got to where I am without you and I l

My first FB Live interview!

Woo Hooo! So a couple of weeks ago, my incredible friend Deborah Watts and I had a Facebook Live interview! The energy was A.M.A.zing and we chatted about my work and mission. Check out her awesome page and see if what she says resonates with you .. I know it does for me! https://www.transitionarygirl.com Deborah is an incredible woman who coaches people on how to step into their authenticity ... our energies have blended since we first connected and we always have so much fun when we chat! Her 21 day Authenticity Challenge will help you to tap into your authentic self and to embrace your uniqueness, even with all your quirks! Check it out and sign up HERE - it's completely free and you will

A peek inside the 'studio'

Ok, so as you can see the word 'studio' is in inverted commas there ... That's because my studio is actually a 2m x 2m patch of floor in our living room and a little piece of the balcony! So here are some of my work in progress shots and things I get up to in my little 'studio' patch of floor! Much love and keep on the look out for more from me soon! Hugs Kate X


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