Interview with Nuno Leitao of the Nuno Blog!

Nuno is doing amazing things! As well as being an expert addiction councillor, he has also been a Psychotherapist and Life coach since 2012, supporting hundreds of clients in the UK to produce extraordinary changes in their personal lives. Nuno and I met through a business school that we both attended and found that we both have a love of travel. Nuno asked me to share some healing travel experiences with him for his new blog ... watch this space, that's coming soon ... and here he tells us a little bit about his blog, life, inspirations and history! He has a great story! You can check out all his stuff as well as free and paid for online training at http://www.nunoblog.com Kate: Tell us a b

OMG! My E-book is out and I would LOVE your feedback!

Hey lovely friends :-D Wow, I have finally finished my first yell into the wind of this massive online collection of stuff floating around ... Can anyone hear me? Who knows! Let's find out! SIMPLY CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF! This E-book shares stories and experiences that helped me to step on to my path towards becoming my authentic self. I still have a way to go but I've come so far, through a lot of adversity and I wanted to share that with anyone who would listen, really! This book is in my store for €4.99 but as you beautiful folks are on my list, I'm giving it to you for FREE! In this book you will find 3 simple exercises that you can do today to connect to your inner wisdom


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