New work and a summer offer for YOU!

Just a quick look at some of my newest pieces that have been floating around on Facebook! Because you are registered to receive my emails and you are all super special to me, I'm offering you a summer discount of 10% off any of these pieces if they are bought in the beautiful month of August! Just drop me an email on contact@katesteiner.com to reserve your piece! FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN EUROPE!

I've been featured! ... Or have I?

Ok, for the last few months I've been marketing my little ass off in the attempt to get someone to notice what the hell I'm doing ... it has paid off pretty well so far and a couple of weeks ago I got some pretty good news. Yoga Aktuell, the largest German speaking Yoga magazine was going to feature an interview conducted with me in their print magazine for the June edition! My head nearly exploded with excitement! I cancelled with the AMS (kinda like the Austrian Job centre) and registered myself as self employed in the heady rush of anticipated fame. My imagination skipped 3 months into the future, where I am now referred to 'The Artist' and insist that lackeys bring me puppies to wipe my


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