Who am I? Transitions, identity crisis and other nonsense!

Well, here we are ... once again, I have had an epiphany about my life and I'm tweaking (not twerking...or maybe...that would be a sight for sore eyes) all the pieces into place ... and as usual, you poor souls are the recipients of my brain farts. Welcome to the Thunderdome! For the past year, I've been making yoga portraits and exhibiting in Vienna. My main mission has been on others and making them feel at home in their own skin ... on showing others how magnificent they are and honouring their incredible bodies and minds. Now it's my turn! After an incredible trip to England with a dear friend and high jinks in Glastonbury as well as watching my elderly grandmother lying in a hospital be

Yoga Planet and HUGE discounts!

Hey guys! I'm going to be at the MAK Yoga Planet Messe in Vienna this year ... You'll be able to see all of my recent works, as well as some oldies and not only that but I'm going to be offering a HUGE 50% discount on EVERYTHING purchased at the Yoga show! Yep, everything from paintings to commissions will be 50% cheaper ... well, I figure its Christmas soon and you'll be needing some beautiful presents for your beautiful yoga loving' fam! So come down and check it out next month ... I'll post more details as they come up but for now just click the link to go the Yoga Planet site! As always feel free to share with anyone you feel might be interested! Much love Kate

Everyone falls ... yup, me too! Stop trying to be perfect and just relax, will ya? ;-)

I've been practicing yoga now for about 10 years. I've got a teaching certificate that states I spent a month living the life of a monk and have mastered to an elementary (and completely arbitrary) level, certain aspects of the yogic tradition ... including something called 'asana' (which in my vocabulary roughly translates to falling on my face out of various poses ... ). Now, 'asana' (the physical movements of yoga) is very often mistaken for being 'yoga' in its whole form and a great deal of emphasis is placed (especially with us Western wonder balls) on the bodily movement (the asana) with little consideration given to rest of the practice ... which only makes up the other 80% ... (sarca


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