Tel Aviv bus station: a scaredy cat in Israel

Tel Aviv bus station should go into the Guinness book of records for being the most effective thing for confusing naive English girls in the history of everything. There are 6 floors of coach bays … 6 opportunities to gaze, open mouthed at row upon row of buses, wondering if your parents will be informed of your demise after tourists discover your wasted corpse with a sign saying, ‘I only wanted to travel!’ Since leaving mum and dad waving from the sanctity of Heathrow I had endured a lot of universal interference. It was almost as if the powers that be didn't want me to go. The hours waiting for the airplane to actually leave the ground, the missing of my connecting flight, the strip searc

Tear gas, fun and boats; a weekend in Istanbul

Ok, so you may have noticed that I've been MIA for a few weeks. As well as having a small breakdown over where my life is going, an early bout of mid-life crisis and a couple of art shows, I've been teaching a lot of yoga and trying to get my head around my next art project. Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to share a few of my traveling stories with you to keep you distracted whilst I work on my art stuff... My posts might not be super regular but they will be interesting and funny and heartbreaking and all things that a good story should be! Here we go ... Gasping for breath, we stumbled down the stairs of the restaurant. Our sleeves pulled over our hands and clasped firmly over ou


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