Vipassana; ultimate spiritual retreat or descent into madness?

I have seen the face of the devil. It wasn't a scary face, more like a doll's face with large eyes and a helmet, to be honest, there was a definite Darth Vader vibe about it … it was pretty funny until I felt the horror that accompanied that hallucination. Crushing loneliness, emptiness, and bone shaking anxiety … for all eternity … these were the emotions that came as a side dish to that particular appetiser. Cold terror dribbled down my spine and suddenly I knew how it felt to be completely insane ... it was a total bummer, not gonna lie. I lay with my head close to the wall, my eyes wide, trying desperately to remain equanimous to these intense emotions as they flooded my system with stre

Boats, sharks and sleeping underwater!

A couple of months ago I sent in a submission for a more literary travel magazine about my travels ... having heard nothing back so far, I'm assuming that they will not publish it so I'm gonna! LOL This entry is more flowery, detailed and literary than previous entries but I enjoyed writing it a lot. What do you think? I'd love to know! Scorching boards underfoot burn through the thick, hard skin of my soles as I scuttle, comically, like a cartoon burglar down the jetty towards the cool mercy of the shopping center. I haven't worn shoes for weeks. Waves lap beneath and a sparkling ray catches the water between the wooden strips, stinging my eyes, temporarily blinding me. The musical tinkling


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