3 things that happened when I stopped pushing!

Ok, so we all know how it feels to put pressure on ourselves, don't we? The small things we say to ourselves to force ourselves to do that annoying thing that we really don't want to do. 'If I don't work out 5 times a week, then I'll loose all my fitness and become lazy' or 'if I just get that last piece of paperwork done, then I'll be happy with my progress for the day', maybe even 'if I don't go to work today, my boss will sack me and I'll become a homeless crack dealer, selling my body for rock' ... No? Hmm, just me then ... The trouble with all this pressure is that it makes us feel like crap! There is already enough pressure on us in the form of 'life in general'. We don't need to go ad

How travel saved my life; as featured on The Nuno Blog!

So, a few months ago, I had an interview with the very awesome Nuno Leitao from the Nuno Blog! Read it HERE. As promised, he has published my post :-) Please have a read below or click http://www.nunoblog.com/travel-fun-inspire-inspired/ to comment, like or share! Here is the finished article for those of you guys who are wise enough not to have Facebook ... I found myself screaming … to this day, I still don’t really know how it happened, I just remember screaming so loudly that my throat was sore. I screamed like a tortured animal raging and stamping up the stairs in my little flat whilst my Mum simply stood at the bottom … waiting. She had come to help me as I had called down to my boss t


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