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Sup dudes?! 

So, I guess if you've had anything much to do with me recently then you'll know that I have been offering my portraits on a 'pay what you can/like' scheme since January 2018. 

This was part of a promotion I was implementing in the attempt to get my work out...

Well, here we are ... once again, I have had an epiphany about my life and I'm tweaking (not twerking...or maybe...that would be a sight for sore eyes) all the pieces into place ... and as usual, you poor souls are the recipients of my brain farts. Welcome to the Thund...

Ok, for the last few months I've been marketing my little ass off in the attempt to get someone to notice what the hell I'm doing ... it has paid off pretty well so far and a couple of weeks ago I got some pretty good news. 

Yoga Aktuell, the largest German speaking Yog...