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Sup dudes?! 

So, I guess if you've had anything much to do with me recently then you'll know that I have been offering my portraits on a 'pay what you can/like' scheme since January 2018. 

This was part of a promotion I was implementing in the attempt to get my work out...

Hey guys! 

I'm going to be at the MAK Yoga Planet Messe in Vienna this year ... 

You'll be able to see all of my recent works, as well as some oldies and not only that but I'm going to be offering a HUGE 50% discount on EVERYTHING purchased at the Yoga show!

Yep, everythi...

Just a quick look at some of my newest pieces that have been floating around on Facebook! 

Because you are registered to receive my emails and you are all super special to me, I'm offering you a summer discount of 10% off any of these pieces if they are bought in the be...


OMG!! There are some Yoga Portraits on offer and I just had to share them with you guys first!

I am offering a 10% discount on any portrait bought by members of my blog, but ONLY if they are bought within 10 days!

I'm feeling obsessed by the num...