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This year has been kinda crazy for me! 

For those of you who know me personally, you will know what a huge thing this is 😂 

I vowed for many years that I would never bring children into this world.

I found it an alarmingly terrifying prospect, being so responsib...

My first Yoga TV experience!

I had the immense pleasure of giving a Yoga session to the goalies of the Vienna Capitals ice hockey team. They were great guys and we had a lot of fun. It's wonderful to work with people who are so in touch with their bodies, it makes tea...

My 2019 started with more of a mewl, than a bang ... I spent the evening with my husband watching silly movies and alternately getting up to watch the fireworks from our balcony and trying to block out the noise of the fireworks from our balcony. There was some conflic...

I clung to the side of the huge red monolith, unable to move, unable to go backwards or forwards. I was, in a word, terrified. I had never before realised how scared I actually was of being high in the air. I had always known that it gave me a little thrill but this wa...