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Ok, so we all know how it feels to put pressure on ourselves, don't we? 

The small things we say to ourselves to force ourselves to do that annoying thing that we really don't want to do. 

'If I don't work out 5 times a week, then I'll loose all my fitness and become laz...

Maintaining a regular bedtime routine can help you sleep better. When you go through the same routine each night before bed, your body gets cues that it's time to wind down and go to sleep. This can help you feel sleepy faster and fall asleep quicker. 

Your bedtime rout...

Oooh, that sounds scary doesn't it?!

Don't fret, in this 10 minute tutorial we'll cover some simple exercises to do when attempting to manage a tripod headstand. 

We'll first build shoulder and core strength and use the wall to get used to the sensation of having o...