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Hey guys! Jeez, I'm sorry ... time ran away with me and before I knew it 2 months had gone by without me writing a single flippin word ... oh, well ... you can breathe easy again because I'm back to rant a bit more about whatever seems to be the latest fly in my ointme...

I had a revelation yesterday!

This is happening more and more ... I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and my mind, like some tired old elephant, has finally been worn down and started giving me the answers I have been seeking after all these years or what .....

Guess what I did yesterday? ... go on ... go on ... go on ... OK, I'll tell you!

I went to look at an apartment here in Vienna that cost €980,000 ... yep, nearly a cool million!

Now don't get yer knickers in a twist ... of course I don't have a million to spend on an apa...

I love Vienna!

Really ... this city is beautiful ... the architecture, the river, the parks, the climate (sometimes the winters are freakin' nippy, not gonna lie ... but the 40° summers make up for that) ... everything is just bloody lovely. Even the people (who have be...