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Ok, for those of you who don't know me very well I am a passionate traveller!

Recently, whenever I tell one of my anecdotes to a friend or even a stranger, their most common reaction has been 'wow, you should write a book!' ... now as flattering and inspiring as that i...

This is Liz. 

Liz is an awesome musician and a fantastic person. She has been my friend since I first came to Austria and she has provided me with some of the best support, love and positive energy that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving! 


Oh my beautiful friends! 

If you have time on Wednesday 15th March at 5pm, please head on down to Landstraße in the third district and come and visit me! I will be exhibiting a selection of my paintings from last year and also a couple of my newer yoga portrait works....

As well as being the second part of my Israel travel story ... this is also the final draft of my competition entry. I just need to tighten it up and then I'll submit it! Wish me luck :-) 

Here are a couple of pictures from that same trip from 1998! 19 years ago. I feel...