• Kate

2016/2017 memories, plans and some pictures!

Whuuut?? 2016 is already over? OMG! What a year it has been, I tell ya!

For one thing ... I celebrated my first year of married life! That was something that NO ONE saw coming! I think my family had somehow written me off as being that odd one that all families have ... you know the one ... the yoga-hippy who's lifestyle doesn't seem to gel with the others and that everyone suspects will end up as a crazy cat lady ... I wouldn't actually mind that TBH ... I'll consider it as an alternative should everything go tits up ...

Amongst the happiness, I have also struggled with depression, illness and general lethargy. 2016 was for me, a period of deep reflection on what I really want in my life. I discovered a huge amount about me during this year and my previous blog posts are reflective of this journey through depression, rebellion, acceptance and struggle. I tried to keep positive though ... sometimes I failed, like, massively but I always bounced back ... I was once told by a therapist that I have incredible resilience and since then, I try to be thankful for that.

2017 begins with a wonderful piece of news! A long time ago, I sent some work to be considered for a political magazine.

Now, I'm not a political being ... if people start talking politics around me, I zone out and imagine that I'm sitting on a sandy beach, the warm sea water lapping at my toes and a salty breeze ruffling my dread head ... this can lead to concerns about my mental health once the dribbling begins but usually I conceal this highly detailed daydream quite well, occasionally coming round long enough to give a noncommittal grunt or nod.

This magazine, however, has a more philosophical theme and the theme this year was violence ... something that I can identify with having been exposed to it quite a lot throughout my life.

So I sent my pic with a short piece of writing and forgot about it.

I arrived back from England this year to a wonderful surprise ... lying on the table were 3 copies of this magazine and on page 45 right in the middle was the image with my writing!

There will be a release launch in January and I have been invited to give a short speech or meditation ... So 2017 has begun as I mean it to continue!

I also began therapy in a serious way in 2016 ... I believe that therapy can be a highly useful tool and my first session was already fantastically helpful ... I intend to carry this on through 2017 and have made a commitment to myself to attend sessions for an entire year and then review again in 2018.

My business idea became fully formed in the later part of 2016 and I finally realised where I should be focussing my energies. Kate Steiner Yoga Portraits was born!

Throughout the year I have felt such a plethora of emotions surrounding my life ... ranging from slightly uncomfortable to I'VE GOT WASPS IN MY BRAIN but through it all I have been blessed to have a wonderful partner by my side ...

I seem to have become calmer and more focused (although this is definitely a work in progress) and now I have the direction sorted, I can simply concentrate on getting my energy to flow there.

Trust is always being cultivated within me and I go through phases of having a lot, to having NONE! However, having no trust feels horrible and very lonely so the plan is to relax a bit and simply try to know that everything is working as it should.

I wish you all an incredible 2017 ... I have to extend my gratitude to all of you for the part that you have played in my life. Whether we are family by blood, friends in everyday life or have never physically met, I consider you all to be a major part of the evolution of Kate Steiner Yoga Portraits and you are all in my heart and thoughts. Thank you for your support through the hard times, thank you for being there and making this journey so memorable and thank you for being such radiant beings! You are my inspiration and I'm eternally grateful for each and every one of you!