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Are you too sensitive? Or are you being treated like an asshole?

You know I said a couple of posts back in a kind of carrying, regal voice … ignore those who annoy you, young Padawan … remember that?

Well, screw that … I want to say something about it.

I have mentioned this before but at the moment I’m working in a school … not any old school either … it is a school for children who have pointy little horns and tridents … (jk, jk chill out … **grits teeth** I love them really!)

As if earning respect from these little monkeys wasn’t hard enough … you know, being a foreign teacher with a terribly English accent, daaaarling … (you have no idea how much mockery I have to endure daily … if I stop to think about it, it really is quite depressing) some of my colleagues have taken to putting on an outrageous English accent when speaking to the kids whilst I’m in the room … as well as turning me into even an even bigger joke than I already am (at work ladies, not in everyday life … I mean come on … in everyday life I’m a legend! OK, OK, I lied about the legend thing) I find this, in a very stiff-upper-lip, English manner, to be just plain rude!

You see, I spent ages wondering if I was being overly sensitive and telling myself ‘they don’t mean it in a nasty way, they are just messing around’ (which I am sure they are, my colleagues are, after all, lovely folks) and trying bravely to laugh along as a whole group of teenagers and adults laughed at me, my chest imploding in hot, dribbly embarrassment … **single tear roles down cheek, I hope you are feeling the feels, people … I will be checking**

I debated back and forth how to handle this situation without just pissing and moaning like an old fart and decided that I would (as is the customary British way) ignore it and carry on as if it wasn’t happening.

Say F**k you … with a smile on your face and a song in your heart … people just don’t know what to do with that!

But you know what … it is happening … and I don't like it!

I’m not overly sensitive! I just don’t like being made a fool of in front of a bunch of other people! I find it mean and rude and I’m not afraid to speak up about that … (I was afraid to say it a while ago but things can change!)

I’m not the Dalai Lama … or Buddha … (or any other version of an enlightened being … and, from a totally superficial perspective … I’m happy about that) … I’m me … and I am allowed to ask people to stop doing something that makes me sad or hurts my feelings!

I don’t have to be rude about it and I don’t have to get mad … I can simply say how I feel and let them decide what they will do about it.

At least if they know about the feelings that are being created then they can change something … or not … but that is not my problem anymore. Once I have expressed myself, then I can let it go!

So next time someone does something to you that you find offensive or that hurts your feelings, I invite you to say in a calm, light and easy tone ‘please don’t do that, I don’t like it and it hurts my feelings’ … that is all … it doesn’t need to be a rant … it doesn’t need to be anything else except an acknowledgement of your feelings so that you can move on with your life!

And you know what? … most people don’t really want to hurt your feelings … heck, they don’t even realise what they are doing is making you feel bad and usually (if you are dealing with a rational, semi-intelligent being) they will stop doing it.

Hopefully ….

And if they don't … well, screw those guys! They are assholes and you can piss and moan all you want!

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