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Where the hell have you been, ballbag?

Hey guys! Jeez, I'm sorry ... time ran away with me and before I knew it 2 months had gone by without me writing a single flippin word ... oh, well ... you can breathe easy again because I'm back to rant a bit more about whatever seems to be the latest fly in my ointment ... (GRREEEAAAAAT, I hear you cry sarcastically).

So it seems that I am no longer a teacher! OMG, I'm so happy about it you literally have no idea ... teaching was (for me) the employment equivalent of eating sand every day because you feel like the only way you will do great things is by shitting bricks ... Anyhoo, you get the picture (probably more than you wanted to, but there you go).

I'm now an artist ... yup, thats right ... an artist (and a yogini ... lets not forget the yogini bit) I choose this life for myself because I wish to inspire people, create art and do yoga ... that's it! My goal in this life is to inspire others, to be inspired by others and to have fun ... I don't think I'm asking too much, d'you?

So lets see how that pans out! For now, I'm writing this post to let y'all know about my upcoming exhibition! The first of its kind here in Vienna ...


These works are created using the very soil from the Earth that we live on. I have managed, through some miracle, to create a type of paint made from earth. It's freakin awesome and it looks super textured ... I ended up dry-brushing it to get a grooooovy (yup, I just morphed into Disco-Stu in my excitement) effect or slapping on lashes of bright colours because it just looks so dayymnn cool :-)

There are 13 pieces (as that is my lucky number) all told, each made from earth, non-toxic materials and natural items exploring some of the yogic principles that are mentioned within T. S. Eliots wonderful poems 'The Four Quartets' ... I will be displaying images of all pieces on this site soooooooooon but until the exhibition is over I can't show any prices ... you'll just have to come on over to the show or wait until August for that! Soz, old beans but you know how it is ...

So here you are ...

The Gallery Steiner, 1010. 18th July - 13th August 2016. Opening night 20th July 2016, 7-10pm BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

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