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Here we go ... The future of the Yogini-Artist!

So, it's the first of the month and I am beginning a new cycle in this life! My new life of a Yogini-artist officially begins today!

I have found a new direction and I intend to follow it through this time! In the past I have struggled to find a niche of creating that suited me and I have bounced around from methodology to methodology ... sometimes creating abstract work, sometimes realism, sometimes spiritually focussed work but always feeling not quite satisfied ... (I could actually be talking about my dating process, but we won't go into that now **clears throat** MOVING ON!)

However, over the past few weeks I have come into a deeper sense of peace within myself and embraced a part of my creativity that I had originally shunned ... portraiture.

I know, I know, it seems like every fella and his dog are creating portraits and this was one reason that I thought that I had to avoid it ... but I have always had a deep love for life drawing and the human form and I can't ignore this part of me any longer.

When I'm sketching a person or working in detail, I fall into a kind of trance where nothing distracts me ... I drop out of time; hunger, tiredness, thirst and even going to the bathroom don't even make an appearance and I am completely and totally in THIS MOMENT ... its like meditation for me and it never feels like work!

So from now on I'll be mixing up my two styles, combining both abstract and realism and taking everything with me into this new direction.

I'm gonna need a bit of practice but so far I feel that I have found my way and in light of this revelation here are some images of a couple of works in progress, just to whet yer whistles :-D