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My incredible friend!

This is Liz.

Liz is an awesome musician and a fantastic person. She has been my friend since I first came to Austria and she has provided me with some of the best support, love and positive energy that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving!

Liz has been through some quite dramatic things and only 2 years ago nearly lost her life to a blood clot in her lung. Far from being depressed or scared though, what did Liz do? She picked up her flute for the first time in 21 years and started to follow her dream of being a professional musician in Vienna.

Now Liz was already a professional flutist in Brasil, where she was born, but started teaching English and forgot all about her musical roots for a long time.

She is multi-talented and plays a whole range of instruments, as well as being a bright, sunny and wonderful person!

Coming through this illness has made her so strong and I'm delighted to announce that Liz has finally realised her dream of setting up a Choro group here in Vienna and will be performing Liz Pereira & Brasil Universalis - Viena visita o Rio de Janeiro on the 19th May at the KIP in Vienna (Biberstr. 2 Vienna, Austria). http://www.kip.co.at

Check out more on her great project below, how to book tickets (if you are around) and how to make the most of the early bird discount:

"LIZ PEREIRA & BRASIL UNIVERSALIS" is a project that brings to the stage a beautiful concert, where its repertory is performed in a Chronological way while we wear old costumes, as well as theater performances and beautiful audio visual with pictures from XIX Century, showing the connection between Europeanclassical music and Viennese waltz and polkas + African rhythms (lundu, maxixe, batuque), to the first style of Brazilian music created around 1860: CHORO!

A perfect concert for all ages!!!

Line up:

Liz Pereira (BRA/IT): Flute, Guitar, Vocal, Percussion, Producer & Creator.

Mike Scharf (AT/AUT) 7 strings Guitar.

João Pedro Wagner (BRA/AT): Cavaquinho, Mandolin & Percussion

Book your ticket in advance with discount! ;)



Vorkassa: 10 EUR / 17 EUR

Abendkassa (from 7pm - 7:55): 15 EUR / 22 EUR

The concert will start punctually at 8pm! :)

Thanks to all our partners and institution that are supporting “Liz Pereira and Brasil Universalis” project:

Embassy of Brazil / Vienna

Videos and photos: Fernada Nigr, photographer based in Vienna / Austria – www.fernandanigro.com

Photos: Kate Steiner, Visual Artist based in Vienna / Austria - www.katesteiner.com

Costumes: Carolina Flores, Itatiba, São Paulo / Brazil –

Carol Costuras – carolcosturas@gmail.com

Stage management: Suzy de Oliveira, actress and director of Theater Brasil based in Vienna / Austria – www.theaterbrasil.com

Audio Visual: André Siqueira, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.

Anonymous donation

Be part of this lovely team!!!!