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I've been featured! ... Or have I?

Ok, for the last few months I've been marketing my little ass off in the attempt to get someone to notice what the hell I'm doing ... it has paid off pretty well so far and a couple of weeks ago I got some pretty good news.

Yoga Aktuell, the largest German speaking Yoga magazine was going to feature an interview conducted with me in their print magazine for the June edition! My head nearly exploded with excitement! I cancelled with the AMS (kinda like the Austrian Job centre) and registered myself as self employed in the heady rush of anticipated fame. My imagination skipped 3 months into the future, where I am now referred to 'The Artist' and insist that lackeys bring me puppies to wipe my hands on and gold-leaf for my ass!

Well, fate has a funny way of showing you to calm the f**k down.

They didn't publish my interview in the print magazine. There were some last minute changes and my interview got scrapped. Goddamn Boooo!

This slight disappointment was a good reminder in trust. So often we put all of our eggs into one basket with the future of our entire enterprise hinging on one small thing going right. Because of this, I was reminded to take a step back, keep moving forwards with patience and resilience and not get hung up on the details.

I found myself feeling that this was obviously not meant to happen and that something else would crop up ... which was weird because I can be the queen of overreaction if things don't pan out!

What did happen was that Yoga Aktuell printed my interview on their blog!

I would love it if you would have a read and let me know what you think?

CLICK HERE to read the full article! Its in German but Google translate does a pretty good job!

Dana! She's so awesome!

Thanks for reading,

Much love guys

Kate X