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I wrote an E-Book :D

OMGoodness, if course creation wasn't enough ... I've only gone and written a book!

This book has actually been created for a few years ... but I never got around to doing much with it #mrsinconsistent LOL

A couple of weeks ago, I opened it again and saw that it is a pretty powerful tool and that the steps I out-line inside it were actually pretty paramount in my own healing journey.

In it, I document how I was feeling a few years ago. I wasn't really in a great place emotionally or physically and I was terribly depressed and suffering from panic attacks.

Fast forward until today and I'm pretty much 100% better! I have been committed to my healing for quite a while now and have explored soooo many different therapies, both mental and physical. I've even taken steps like changing my mattress and allowing myself to eat chocolate every day for a year (or two ... ok 3 ... OK, I'm still eating chocolate everyday but that's not the point ... *clears throat* alright, what was I saying ...?)

In this lovely book, not only do I share how I felt back then ... which is in equal measures hilarious and horrible ... but I also describe 3 steps I took to kick start my healing journey. Now don't get me wrong. These steps were not EVERYTHING I did ... they were just the starting point and helped me to get committed to feeling better, inside and out.




3 effortless and uplifting steps you can take TODAY to commit 100% to your healing journey!

Step onto the path of self acceptance and learn how to view yourself from a different perspective

Begin your journey to radiant health with the exact blueprint I used to do the same!

Take your first steps towards radiant health and leave undiagnosed illness, physical injury, depression and anxiety behind!

In this E-book full of stories, I will share with you 3 of my favourite methods of re-connecting back to your incredible self. Setting yourself up for radical self love, acceptance and healing.

Here's a little video where I talk a bit about what's inside ...

Now, here's the great part ...

I'm offering this book to you today for a fraction of the price!

If I were to charge my going rate for all my services for everything that is inside this book, the total value would be €79!

I'm offering it to you for €7 ... Yup, that's right ... €7!

So if you answer yes to any of the following ... this book might just change your life!

  • Do you suffer from illness that no one seems to be able to properly diagnose?

  • Are you struggling to feel positive even though your life is going great?

  • Do you feel as though you need to take control of your healing or spiritual wellness but don't know where to begin?

  • Do you simply wish to show yourself radical acceptance and self love?

Now, I'm not saying that this e-book is going to heal all of your ailments ... you might need to go to therapy or start taking medication.

I'm simply promising you that after reading this book and doing the exercises within it with focus and attention, you will radically change the way you think about yourself and your healing journey.

You will find 100% commitment to yourself and your path to self-love.

You will have begun to ACTIVATE YOUR RADIANCE!

I can't wait to share this funny, moving, informative and powerful account of my healing journey with you!

All the love in the world,

Kate xoxo